Healing Circles

I live my life in widening circles
that reach out across the world.
I may not complete this last one
but I give myself to it.

—Ranier Maria Rilke

Healing Circles is an emergent learning community dedicated to meeting four needs of people with cancer: finding meaning and community in life with cancer, strengthening health and healing practices, navigating medical and integrative cancer therapies, and facing suffering, death and dying.

Healing Circles draws on 30 years of experience with four of Commonweal’s programs: the Commonweal Cancer Help ProgramThe Institute for Health and Illness, the Healing Kitchens Institute, and the Healing Yoga Foundation.

  • Erlene Chiang

    Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Treating Cancer and Grief
  • Akil Palanisamy

    The Paleovedic Diet: A Complete Program to Burn Fat, Increase Energy, and Reverse Disease
  • Dwight McKee

    After Cancer Care: Reflections on 40 Years Practicing Integrative Cancer Medicine
  • Diana and Kelly Lindsay

    Healing Circles Langley
  • Mark Renneker, MD

    Medical Advocacy for People with Cancer and Other Serious Conditions
  • Michael Pollan

    The Trip Treatment: New Research on the Healing Properties of Psychedelics
  • Rachel Naomi Remen, MD

    Trusting the Process: The Basics of Discovery Model Learning
  • Lynn Willeford

    Small Is Beautiful:  Building Volunteer Circles of Mutual Support on South Whidbey 
  • Donald Abrams, M.D.

    Integrative Cancer Care: A Training for Health Professionals and Cancer Advocates
  • Betsy MacGregor, MD

    In Awe of Being Human
  • Ted Schettler

    The Ecology of Breast Cancer
  • Diana and Kelly Lindsay

    Something More Than Hope
  • Ilene Serlin, PhD

    Dance and Psyche: How Moving Moves Us
  • Angeles Arrien, PhD

    Nothing Special: The Mystery of Everyday Life
  • Rachel Naomi Remen, MD

    Symbols, Rituals, and Archetypes: Speaking the Language of the Deep Unconscious Mind
  • Rebecca Katz, MS

    The Longevity Kitchen: the Top 16 Age-Busting Power Foods
  • BJ Miller, MD

    Dying: Exploring the Terrain
  • Stephanie Sugars

    What Do I Have to Offer before I Leave My Body?
  • Francis Weller, MFT

    Entering the Healing Ground: Grief, Ritual, and the Soul of the World
  • Mark Renneker, MD, Michael Lerner, and Others

    Clinical Advocacy Public Forum
  • Brother David Steindl-Rast

    Spiritual Biography
  • Emilie Conrad

    Moving Medicine: Continuum, Movement, and Enlivening Health
  • Donald Abrams, MD, and Clint Werner

    Marijuana: Is It Medicine Yet?
  • Rebecca Katz and Jeanne Wallace, PhD

    The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen
  • Frank Ostaseski

    Being A Compassionate Companion
  • Steve Heilig

    The Modern Evolution of Death
  • Gregory Orr

    The Blessing: Poetry as Survival
  • Margaret Kripke, PhD

    Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk
  • Mike Witte, MD

    Fighting 'till the End?
  • Michael Lerner, PhD

    Death and Dying: Lessons from the Commonweal Cancer Help Program
  • Rachel Naomi Remen, MD

    Stories and Poems at the End of Life
  • Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, and Christina Puchalski, MD

    Spiritual Dimensions of End of Life
  • Sadja Greenwood

    A Nutritional Supplement Strategy Based on History, Science, and Individual Needs
  • David Servan Schrieber

    The Instinct to Heal: Treating Depression, Anxiety, and Cancer without Drugs or Talk Therapy
  • TKV Desikachar and Kate Holcombe

    Healing Yoga
  • Keith Block, MD

    Life over Cancer: Program for Integrated Cancer Treatment
  • Russell Jaffee, MD

    The Alkaline Way: Diet, Supplements, Detoxification, and Real Health Reform
  • James S Gordon, MD

    Life Lessons in Healing: Cancer, Trauma, and Mind-Body Medicine
  • Thomas Yeomans, PhD

    A Spirituality for Our Time
  • Sandra Steingraber, PhD

    Healing Inside Out: A Poet's Quest, A Mother's Journey
  • Ram Dass and Rachel Naomi Remen, MD

    Healing, Aging, and Dying