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Jacob Needleman

The American Soul in an Age of Chaos

Join TNS Host Steve Heilig for the next in a series of conversations with Jacob Needleman—author, professor, and philosopher. They will be joined by Gail Needleman, offering a musical vision of “the heart of America” on Commonweal’s salon piano.

Previous conversations include:

Gurdjieff: A Day in the Life (2016)

Time and the Soul: A Spiritual Biography (2015)

Who Am I? Why Am I Here? (2015)

Why Can’t We Be Good? (2007)

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Wednesday, October 11
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

By donation; held in Bolinas

Jacob Needleman

Jacob Needleman is a professor of philosophy at San Francisco State University. He is the author of many books on soul, philosophy, the world’s religions, and the meaning of life. He was featured on Bill Moyers’s acclaimed PBS series A World of Ideas.

In addition to his teaching and writing, Needleman serves as a consultant in the fields of psychology, education, medical ethics, philanthropy, and business.