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  • Caroline Casey, Rachel Lang, and Host Michael Lerner

    Cultivating a Culture of Ingenious Altruism

    Join three Librans—Host Michael Lerner, as our (cahoot mahoot), Astrologer and Intuitive Rachel Lang, and Caroline Casey, dedicated agent of Liberating Trickster at Coyote Network News—for a webinar conversation to Cultivate a Culture of Ingenious Altruism via Pragmatic Mysticism, Applied Divination, and Participatory Astrology.

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  • Donald Abrams and Host Michael Lerner

    Whole Person Cancer Care: Where Are We Now?

    Join TNS Host Michael Lerner in another conversation with integrative oncologist Donald Abrams, MD.

  • Philip Yun and Michael Lerner

    Beyond Democracy: Governance and Organizing Principles for the Polycrisis

  • Rick Tarnas, Rachel Lang, and Host Michael Lerner

    Cosmos and Psyche in an Age of Transformation

    Join astrologers Richard Tarnas and Rachel Lang with TNS host Michael Lerner as they explore how an understanding of the great archetypal symbols of astrology can influence and illuminate how we live our lives.

  • Anna O'Malley and Host Steve Heilig

    Good Medicine: Music, Creativity, Culture and the Cultivation of Resilience

    Join us for a conversation with TNS Host Steve Heilig and Dr. Anna O’Malley—both public health experts and music lovers—for a conversation about how creative play, including music-making and dancing, is soul medicine and builds individual and community resilience. This conversation took place live at the Commonweal Open House.

  • Leah Douglas, Ligia Guallpa, Suzanne Adely, with Host Anna Lappé

    SOLIDARITY | Connecting Across the Food Chain

    In this third conversation in the 2022 Roots of Resilience series, Host Anna Lappé talks with Leah Douglas, Ligia Guallpa, and Suzanne Adely about the crisis facing food chain workers—from farm fields to meat packing factories to grocery stores—whose jobs were already among the most low-paid, exploitative, and dangerous in the economy before COVID-19.

  • Rachel Lang, Yvonne Tarnas and Host Michael Lerner

    Archetypes and Astrology: Where Jungian Therapy and Astrology Meet

    Join TNS Host Michael Lerner for a conversation with Yvonne Smith Tanas, a Jungian analyst, psychotherapist, and astrologer, and Rachel Lang, astrologer and intuitive.

  • Rufus Pollock and Host Michael Lerner

    Meet the MetaModerns: An Emerging Movement Has A Radical Alternative Approach to Social Change

    Join Host Michael Lerner in conversation with systems researcher, cultural activist, and social entrepreneur Rufus Pollock.

  • David Grubin and Host Michael Lerner

    Free Renty: Lanier v. Harvard

    Join Host Michael Lerner in conversation with director and producer David Grubin. His recent film, "Free Renty: Lanier v. Harvard," tells the story of an African-American woman's struggle to reclaim her heritage.

  • Carl Wassilie, Peleke Flores, with Host Tiffani Patton

    SEA | The Struggle for Sovereignty 

    In this second conversation in our 2022 Roots of Resilience in An Age of Crisis series, join Host Tiffani Patton with Peleke Flores and Carl Wassilie to talk about their efforts to protect keystone species, livelihoods, and cultures along the Pacific Northwest and in Hawai’i. 

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  • Adam Lerner and Host Michael Lerner

    Advances in Oncology: A Clinician's View

  • Mai Nguyen, Vera F. Allen, with Host Tiffani Patton

    SOIL | Carving Out Space for BIPOC Farming

    In the continuation of our Roots of Resilience in an Age of Crisis event series co-presented with Real Food Media, join Host Tiffani Patton in conversation with two farmers--Mai Nguyen and Pandora Thomas--about the history of land theft, the work to get more land into the hands of BIPOC farmers, and what it means to farm regeneratively.