Archetypal Psychology Series

Archai (Greek, noun, plural)
Universal principles, original forms; the fundamental essences and primordial forces that animate the cosmos.

Archai derives from the Greek word, arkhe, meaning beginning. In archetypal psychology, archai refers to what James Hillman describes as the deepest patterns or root metaphors of psychological function.

The archai have emerged as a significant theme in New School conversations. We have grouped these conversations together as explorations of ARCHAI—The Archetypal Research Convivium. Convivium derives from the Latin meaning to live together. The Convivium is open to any New School partner. What participation means will emerge over time. ARCHAI conversations include conversations on Carl Jung and on the field of archetypal psychology, a post-Jungian psychology founded by James Hillman. Hillman drew on Jung, the Islamic scholar Henry Corbin, Plotinus, and other classical sources. Archetypal psychology was popularized by Thomas Moore. We have also included conversations on the Sufi teacher Ibn ‘Arabi, the subject of Henry Corbin’s work, and on Corbin himself.

  • Dick Russell and Host Michael Lerner

    Biography of the Biographer
  • Mary Watkins and Host Michael Lerner

    Toward Psychologies of Liberation: Literal and Metaphorical Migrations in the Polycrisis
  • Laurence Hillman and Host Michael Lerner

    Astrology, Archetypal Psychology, and the Cosmos
  • Caroline Casey, Rachel Lang, and Host Michael Lerner

    Cultivating a Culture of Ingenious Altruism
  • Rick Tarnas, Rachel Lang, and Host Michael Lerner

    Cosmos and Psyche in an Age of Transformation
  • Rachel Lang, Yvonne Tarnas and Host Michael Lerner

    Archetypes and Astrology: Where Jungian Therapy and Astrology Meet
  • Rachel Lang and Host Michael Lerner

    Astrology, Archetype, and the Aquarian Age
  • Francis Weller and Michael Lerner

    The Long Dark: Tending to the Soul in Unknown Territory
  • Rachel Lang and Host Michael Lerner

    Intuition, Astrology, Magic: A Spiritual Biography
  • Mary Evelyn Tucker

    Thomas Berry: A Biography
  • Michael Lerner

    A Life in Love
  • Bill Glenn

    Enneagram: An Archetypal Psychology
  • Francis Weller

    The Wild Edge of Sorrow: Rituals of Renewal and the Sacred Work of Grief
  • John Gouldthorpe

    For the Love of Nature: An Exploration of Goethe's Holistic Thinking
  • Patricia Berry, PhD

    Echo's Subtle Body: Contributions to an Archetypal Psychology
  • Michael Lerner

    Body, Soul, and Spirit in Archetypal Psychology
  • John Gouldthorpe

    Imagination Is Reality
  • Dick Russell

    Getting to Know James Hillman
  • Francis Weller

    Beauty, Imagination, and the Life of the Soul
  • Angeles Arrien, PhD

    Nothing Special: The Mystery of Everyday Life
  • Rachel Naomi Remen, MD

    Symbols, Rituals, and Archetypes: Speaking the Language of the Deep Unconscious Mind
  • Tom Cheetham, PhD

    Spiritual Imagination in the Work of Henry Corbin, CG Jung and James Hillman
  • John Gouldthorpe

    A Romantic's Reality: Hillman's Approach, The Basics
  • Michael Lerner, PhD

    Wounds of the Self, Wounds of the Earth
  • Michael Lerner, PhD

    Pilgrims of the Way: Integral Yoga and Archetypal Psychology
  • Michael Lerner, PhD

    Archetypal Psychology: The Role of Soul in Daily Life
  • Stephen Parker, PhD

    Jung, Art, and Healing
  • Thomas Kirsch, MD

    The Red Book: Reflections on Jung and the Jungians
  • Richard Tarnas, PhD

    Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of A New World View
  • Peter Kingsley

    Finding What Is Real