Spiritual Biography

My work aims at creating a space. Spaces in consciousness reveal how I must be for someone to reveal themselves to me. What we do with that is mentorship, providing a context of support for someone to step out of difficulty into sanctuary.
—Orland Bishop (from our podcast)

Join Michael Lerner in these conversations with spiritual leaders that are changing our world today. From Christian monk to south and west African shaman, the cosmologies of the human heart transcend religion and ethnicity, touching on compassion, service, and self reflection.

  • Aljosie Aldrich Harding and Host Serena Bian

    What Does Love Have To Do With It? Bringing Mystery to Peacebuilding (part 2)
  • Deepa Patel and Host Serena Bian

    What Does Love Have To Do With It? Bringing Mystery to Peacebuilding (part 1)
  • Christina Baldwin and Host Michael Lerner

    Writing as Legacy: What Do We Leave in the Earth for the Future to Find?
  • Terry Tempest Williams and Host Michael Lerner

    Rejoice! Our Times Are Intolerable
  • Cynthia Li and Host Michael Lerner

    Brave New Medicine: Spiritual Biography
  • Oren Slozberg and Host Michael Lerner

    A Life of Collaborative Leadership: Spiritual Biography
  • Sue Mondello and Host Michael Lerner

    Conversation at the Edge: A Spiritual Biography
  • Orland Bishop and Host Michael Lerner

    The Seventh Shrine: Spiritual Biography Continued
  • Janet Moses and Host Michael Lerner

    The Carceral State: A Spiritual Biography Continued
  • Rachel Lang and Host Michael Lerner

    Intuition, Astrology, Magic: A Spiritual Biography
  • David Lorimer and Michael Lerner

    A Quest for Wisdom: Spiritual Biography
  • Irwin Keller with Michael Lerner

    Inquiry into the Nature of Jewish Faith: A Spiritual Biography
  • Sandra Maitri and Michael Lerner

    Enneagram and the Diamond Approach to Inner Self Realization
  • Nipun Mehta

    A Life of Service: A Spiritual Biography
  • John Beebe

    A Life in Jungian Practice: A Spiritual Biography
  • Alnoor Ladha

    Mystical Anarchism: A Spiritual Biography
  • Jaune Evans

    Leaving Home: A Spiritual Biography
  • Christina Baldwin

    The Power of Story and the Circle Way
  • James Thornton

    Spiritual Biography
  • Kristina Flanagan

    Spiritual Biography
  • Mary Evelyn Tucker

    Living within a Universe Story: A Spiritual Biography
  • Janet Moses and Michael Lerner

    Half the Sky: Janet Moses and Her Journey with Bob Moses
  • Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione-Jampolsky

    Attitudinal Healing: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life
  • Rabbi Rachel Cowan

    Wise Aging: Living with Joy, Resilience and Spirit
  • Jacob Needleman

    Time and the Soul: A Spiritual Biography
  • Norman Fischer

    Everyday Zen: Changing and Being Changed by the World
  • Robert McDermott

    Philosophy, Spirituality, and Community—A Professor's Journey
  • Ross Chapin

    Design, Body Knowing, and the Inner Life
  • Jaune Evans

    Creative Spirit: A Life of Art, Service, and Contemplative Practice
  • Angeles Arrien, PhD

    Nothing Special: The Mystery of Everyday Life
  • BJ Miller, MD

    Dying: Exploring the Terrain
  • Fritz Hull

    IONA Vision: the Founding of the Whidbey Institute
  • Brother David Steindl-Rast

    Spiritual Biography
  • David Spangler

    Apprenticed to Spirit
  • Orland Bishop

    Spiritual Biography