Maryliz Smith

Festival of Sacred Music

Join us (in person or via webinar) for the first in a series of sacred music celebrations at Commonweal, presented in collaboration with long-time Commonweal friend Toby Symington. Held at the solstice and equinox, the concerts—and gatherings afterward—are designed to bring people together in a convivial setting around music, which can elevate the soul and be a source of inspiration and delight for the months in between concerts. In this first concert of the series, join us for a piano concert from Maryliz Smith, including pieces of her own composition as well as other inspiring and sacred music. The concert will last 75 minutes; linger for snacks and community afterward. From Maryliz:

“I have traveled the world as a performance artist, collaborating with remarkable individuals such as David Whyte, Brian Swimme, Matthew Fox and Joanna Macy, using music as a sacred art to create optimal conditions for diverse groups to more easily access collective intelligence using reflections, stories and music dedicated specifically for the gathering at hand. I have come out of a virtuosic, classical tradition as a concert organist with a signature sound that is a contemplative, post-minimalist style, often using the acoustic piano to draw listeners into the complex landscape of their emotions where ‘the mind has no defense.’”

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Sunday, June 23
2:30 pm PDT - 5:00 pm PDT

Gallery Commonweal
Free; by donation
In person or via webinar

Maryliz Smith

Coming out of a virtuosic, classical tradition as a concert organist, Maryliz’s signature sound is one of post-minimalism, using both acoustic and electroacoustic keyboards to draw listeners into a complexity of emotions. She is inspired by single moments that can change the trajectory of a life, a living system, a culture, and she translates these into musical language, a language she describes as her first.

Maryliz is also co-founder of Commonweal Cancer Help Programs’ sister center, Callanish, a non-profit organization based in Vancouver, B.C. dedicated to creating space for people who have been irrevocably changed by cancer. She contributes her arts-based perspective, in company with a remarkable team, to provide a gentle catalyst for people to move as deeply as they wish into themselves to reconnect with the essentials of life.