Link Tree

March 1: Poetry as an Antidote: Listen to or watch these conversations from The New School at Commonweal about poetry.

February 17: Listen to or watch these conversations from The New School at Commonweal that explore the terrain of love.

December 14: Listen to the recordings of our November event — Let’s Celebrate Gratitude / Music and Stories with Rachel Naomi Remen and Karen Drucker. Listen or watch on our website, or on our pages on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Spotify, Amazon Podcast, and YouTube.

December 5, 2022: Rest in peace, Jacob Needleman–a philosopher for our time, and a good friend of The New School. Listen to his four conversations with Michael Lerner here. Watch the three video recordings on our YouTube channel here.

August 11, 2022: Listen to the Yes to Life show UK Health Radio — Choices in Healing with Michael Lerner. 

June 17: Interested in sustainable agriculture? Want to find out more about your “foodscape?” Our series on the Roots of Resilience in an Age of Crisis, co-presented with Real Food Media, takes a look at six different areas of focus critical for resilience in our food systems: Land, Seed, Water, Soil, Sea, and Solidarity.

June 22: Interested in archetypal psychology and astrology? Join Host Michael Lerner for three recent conversations with astrologer and intuitive Rachel Lang: /

June 28: New posting! Join Anna O’Malley and Host Steve Heilig in a conversation about Good Medicine: Music, Creativity, Culture and the Cultivation of Resilience.