Diana and Kelly Lindsay

Something More Than Hope

Host Michael Lerner talks with Diana and Kelly Lindsay, authors of Something More Than Hope: Surviving Despite the Odds, Thriving Because of Them.

In April 2006, Diana was diagnosed with incurable stage IV lung cancer. Her doctor estimated the odds of her making it to 5 years were 1%. “How do I make it into the 1% Club?” she asked herself. The answers Diana and her husband, Kelly, discover together—about the healing power of love and joy, and the body’s astonishing ability to communicate its needs down to the cellular level—have not only kept her in good health for seven years but deeply enriched both their lives. The conversation explores how Diana and Kelly sought to see life differently when the world became unrecognizable. “It’s about overturning assumptions, embracing obstacles, and opening one’s heart, mind, and spirit. It’s not just about who we are but what we are—and what we’re capable of doing,” Diana says.

We held this conversation on August 8, 2013 in the Lindsay’s living room on Whidbey Island north of Seattle with a circle of a dozen friends who have all been touched by cancer. Find out more about Diana experience on her website.

Diana and Kelly Lindsay

Diana met Kelly Lindsay when he was a biology major and she was a dance and music major at Stanford University. During nearly 40 years of marriage, they have taught college students and children, been global activists, and built the marketing and financial skills to found their own company.

In 2006, Diana and Kelly Lindsay were chief executives of Lindsay Communications, a high-tech marketing and communications company serving hundreds of companies from Fortune 100 multi-nationals to start-ups. When she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, they realized the customers they most needed to communicate with were Diana’s cells. While she learned how to visualize them and ask for their guidance, he created a high-bandwidth grid with his hands as a Reiki master to power those cells back to health. Today Diana and Kelly speak to anyone facing seemingly insurmountable odds, inspiring them to find something more than hope.