Jed Emerson

Investing for the Earth and the Common Good

Join Michael Lerner in conversation with Jed Emerson—international leader in the field of strategic philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.

In 2000, Jed began focusing upon his interest in the Blended Value Proposition (BVP), which states that instead of operating in terms of non-profit and for-profit constructs or a double bottom-line, there is a single, blended value proposition for both for-profit and nonprofit firms, as well as philanthropy and capital investments, with multiple value components and generated returns.

Jed Emerson

Jed is senior fellow with Generation Foundation, fellow with Said Business School at Oxford University, and past founder and executive director of Roberts Enterprise Development Fund. Find out more about Jed on his website.

He is recognized as an international leader in the field of strategic philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, and blended value investing. His career has spanned work in management, academia, investing and human services. He has launched nonprofit ventures, lead foundation initiatives and engaged in research assessing global innovations in sustainable investing and finance. His work on alternative investing, nonprofit capital markets, foundation strategy, Social Return on Investment frameworks, social purpose business development and other areas of practice has been viewed as significant in terms of its broad contribution to the field and efforts to support others engaged in the community application of business skills and practice.