Mark Renneker, MD, Michael Lerner, and Others

Clinical Advocacy Public Forum

As part of the first clinical advocacy conference at Commonweal October 11-14, this public forum brought ideas, experiences, and findings of the conference to a discussion with the larger New School and Commonweal community. This was a special day of presentations and discussions on clinical advocacy — bringing together clinicians, educators, patients, families, and researchers to share and explore the principles and methods of improving clinical care for patients with cancer, cardiac, vascular, and autoimmune disorders. The recordings are in three parts.

  • Mark Renneker, M.D.: Introduction to Clinical Advocacy
  • Dwight McKee, M.D.: Patients’ Use of Novel Natural Compounds (download PDF of presentation)
  • Raymond Chang, M.D.: Integrative Use of Cancer Immunotherapies
  • Penny Block, Ph.D.: Psycho-Oncologic Therapies
  • Michael McCulloch, L.Ac., M.P.H., Ph.D.: Integrative Use of Chinese Medicine (download PDF of presentation, and link to original Pine Street Clinic studies)
  • Gwen Stritter, M.D.: Preventing Breast Cancer Recurrence
  • Sandee Birdwell, M.D. and Mark Renneker, M.D.: Summary of Findings
  • Will Kennedy, D.O., Hospice and Palliative Medicine Specialist, Portland, OR (download PDF)

Mark Renneker, MD

Dr. Renneker used to be an oncologist at UCSF and then Cal Pacific before starting his research and patient advocacy practice. He founded it because he realized that there is far too much information about fighting cancer, and innovative treatments both in western medicine and in integrative treatments, for any doctor to stay on top of while practicing medicine full time. So Dr. Renneker stopped practicing as a doctor and dedicated himself to keeping abreast of treatment from all around the world for fighting cancer. He consults with patients, particularly those with serious or advanced cases of cancer, and helps them develop attack plans, find second opinions, and identify new treatments.