Mike Witte, MD

Fighting 'till the End?

People with life-threatening illnesses often face the difficult decision of whether or not to continue active therapy.

For some, the decision is, “Let’s fight till the end,” and they work with their doctors to receive treatment within days, or even hours, of their death. Others decide to put their effort toward the best possible quality of life, minimizing pain and suffering. But is this always a conscious decision? Without explicit instructions and/or an informed and caring dialog between patient and physician, patient and loved ones, and family and health professionals, the individual’s end-of-life wishes about medical care may go unknown or unheeded.

Commonweal’s Susan Braun will explore this divide with Mike, creating a public space where questions of death and dying can be explored in safety and without judgment. Stories from the audience will be welcomed.

Mike Witte, MD

Mike has worked at the Coastal Health Alliance (CHA) since its beginnings in 1981, and is now medical director of the three sites in West Marin County. He has proudly watched CHA grow and develop into an exceptional center for family health care in West Marin.