Rick Ingrasci, MD, MPH

Joy, Social Intelligence, and the Ethical Imagination

Join Michael Lerner in conversation with healer and activist Rick Ingrasci, MD, about joy, social intelligence, and the ethical imagination.

From our podcast:

I really feel that our generation, the sixties generation, had made a breakthrough that was almost like a recidivist, that we went back and rediscovered what indigenous cultures have known for many, many years, which is that carnival and festivity and ritual and ways to experience communitas, which is really spontaneous love in community, is probably a part of how we’re going to find our way out of the jam we’re in, as a planet let’s say.
—Rick Ingrasci

Rick Ingrasci, MD, MPH

Rick is a healer and activist who has been involved in consciousness exploration and social transformation since the mid 1960s. Ingrasci has a strong background in psychiatry, holistic medicine, and community development. He co-founded Physicians for Social Responsibility, the American Holistic Medical Association, Interface, and Hollyhock, a retreat center in British Columbia. He is the co-author of Chop Wood, Carry Water: A Guide to Finding Spiritual Fulfillment in Daily Life