2016 Symington Conference

on New Directions in Integrative Cancer Care

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Twenty-seven years ago, Commonweal and The Symington Foundation held their first conference on “New Directions in Cancer Care.” The 2016 conference took place in January for five days, exploring the current issues and opportunities for the future of cancer, with a select group of pioneers, practitioners, and patient advocates.

The series consists of 20-minute TED-like talks from 10 of the participants in the conference: Donald Abrams, MD; Keith Block, MD; John Fox; Rebecca Katz; Dwight McKee, MD; Kamer Metafoglu, MD; BJ Miller, MD; Michelle Petocolis; Mark Renneker, MD; and Gwendolyn Stritter, MD.

2016 Symington Conference on New Directions in Cancer Care from The New School at Commonweal on Vimeo.

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