Conversations for Sheltering in Place

Beauty for the Soul

Curated for you: a collection of podcasts and videos that satisfy the intellect and bring beauty to the soul.

Finding Meaning and Sitting with Grief
Looking for audio or video content that feeds the soul? Looking to find meaning in and look at the grief that is arising from the suffering in today’s world? The New School has been honored to host four conversations with Francis Weller—psychotherapist, writer and soul activist. His community rituals, writings, and words encourage us to tap into the well of community grief about the state of the world, finding strength and meaning.

Take a break from COVID-19-related news and tune into conversation and performances from some of the talented musicians we’ve hosted at The New School: Quartet San Francisco (2020); Holly Near (2016); Suzanne Ciani (2014); or Christine Brandes and Eric Moe (2012).