David Lorimer and Michael Lerner

A Quest for Wisdom: Spiritual Biography

Join TNS Host Michael Lerner in a spiritual biography conversation with writer, speaker, and editor David Lorimer. David’s recent book, A Quest for Wisdom: Inspiring Purpose on the Path of Life was published in 2020 by Aeon Books.

Photo by Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz on Unsplash

David Lorimer

David Lorimer is a writer, lecturer, poet and editor.  Having pressed the “eject” button from a career in banking at the age of 24, David embarked on a quest for wisdom and deeper understanding of life. Since then, he has devoted himself to education in the broadest sense, including work for the Scientific & Medical Network and Character Scotland.  In 2020 he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award as a Visionary Leader by the Visioneers International Network and in 2021, the Aboca Human Ecology Prize.