Parker Palmer, PhD

The Politics of the Brokenhearted

Join Michael Lerner in conversation with Dr. Parker Palmer—an author, educator, and activist who focuses on issues in education, community, leadership, spirituality, and social change.

From our podcast:

I think what our times require of us is a profound understanding of how we’re all called to stand in the tragic gap between what is and what could and should be, without falling out into one side or the other of that gap…both corrosive cynicism and irrelevant idealism take us out of the action, as it were.
—Parker Palmer

Parker Palmer, PhD

Parker served for fifteen years as senior associate of the American Association of Higher Education. He now serves as senior advisor to the Fetzer Institute. He founded the Center for Courage and Renewal, which oversees the “Courage to Teach” program for K-12 educators across the country and parallel programs for people in other professions, including medicine, law, ministry, and philanthropy. Find out more about Parker on his website.