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Lynn Willeford

Small Is Beautiful:  Building Volunteer Circles of Mutual Support on South Whidbey 

Join TNS Host Michael Lerner in a conversation with writer, editor, and social entrepreneur Lynn Willeford about her work, her observations of 40 years on the culture of South Whidbey Island near Seattle, WA, and her rules of thumb for nonprofits that successfully serve and are supported by the local community.

Building Volunteer Circles on South Whidbey 

Lynn Willeford

Lynn is a writer, editor, and social entrepreneur, as well as co-owner of The Clyde Theatre in the town of Langley on Whidbey Island, north of Seattle. Since moving to South Whidbey in 1972, Lynn has founded or co-founded five successful volunteer-based nonprofit organizations that repair homes, pay medical expenses, cover the cost of back-to-school supplies, and support local lending for local businesses. She is working now on a project to enable rural seniors to stay in their homes.