Brian Bouch

Integrative Oncology

Join TNS Host Michael Lerner in conversation with Dr. Brian Bouch for a conversation about integrative oncology—part of our Healing Circles series of conversations. View part 1, part 2, and part 3 videos on our YouTube channel.

Brian Bouch, MD

Brian Bouch, MD, has forged a career in medicine incorporating the best of conventional therapies with proven complementary and alternative therapies.  A skilled acupuncturist and acupuncture teacher, he founded Hillpark Integrative Medical Center in 1987 and artfully blended Chinese medicine with functional medicine, osteopathic manual therapies, nutritional therapies, and intravenous therapies. Working alongside other medical doctors, licensed acupuncturists, osteopathic physicians, naturopathic physicians, bodyworkers  and nurse practitioners, Dr Bouch and his colleagues at Hillpark garnered a reputation for successfully treating complex medical problems untouched by other practitioners.  Dr. Bouch retired from office practice in 2016, but continues to provide advocacy services to a limited number of patients, and to mentor advocacy fellows.