John Gouldthorpe

A Romantic's Reality: Hillman's Approach, The Basics

Join Michael Lerner as he further explores archetypal psychology with West Marin’s John Gouldthorpe—archetypal psychology student and teacher, romantic, and recovering Hillmaniac.

John first gives an overview presentation, followed by a conversation with Michael Lerner.

John Gouldthorpe

John has been immersed in the work of archetypal psychology for more than 20 years. In 1989, through the suggestion of James Hillman, he studied with Gordon Tappan at Sonoma State and then stayed on for several years to teach the graduate seminar in Archetypal Psychology.

For many years John was a deep tissue massage therapist working with a clientele of psychologists influenced by Stanly Keleman followed by brief period as a clinical psychologist then onto working on the issue of understanding economic globalization and its structural antidote: localized economies. Living in West Marin since 1994, he worked for 8 years helping to start KWMR; for several years he was chairman of West Marin Commons, and spent two years as president of the Point Reyes Village Association.