Stuart Lord, PhD

East-West Contemplative Education at Naropa University

Dr. Lord, president of Naropa University, talks with Michael Lerner about his journey from being a foster child to leading America’s foremost center of contemplative education. Dr. Lord previously led civic education, community service and religious and spiritual life programs at both Dartmouth College and DePauw University, where he guided relief efforts in New Hampshire’s Upper Valley, the Mississippi Delta and the areas ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. He has also worked in Bangladesh, Nicaragua, the Philippines and Sierra Leone. Dr. Lord brings a unique voice to the contemplative community with a strong focus on reaching out to serve low income communities and communities of color.

Dr Stuart C Lord

Stuart, a nationally recognized expert in service learning, multicultural and spiritual education, and leadership and ethics, became the fifth president of Naropa University on July 1, 2009. At Dartmouth College and DePaww University, he served as an administrator and managed civic education, community service and religious and spiritual life programs. Stuart served as executive director of the 1997 President’s Summit for America’s Future, working under General Colin Powell during the Clinton administration.