Thomas Yeomans, PhD

A Spirituality for Our Time

Join Michael Lerner in conversation with Thomas Yeomans, author of writings on psychosynthesis and spiritual psychology as well as three volumes of poetry and a children’s book. He presently consults to individuals and organizations in Europe and North America on issues of personal and social change and transformation.

Read two essays by Tom Yeomans: Presence, Power and the Planet (PDF), Toward Species Maturity (PDF), and The Emobided Soul: Spirituality in the Twenty-First Century (PDF).


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Thomas Yeomans, PhD

Thomas is the founder and director of the Concord Institute. His background includes education at Harvard, Oxford, and the University of California with professional work in the fields of literature, education, and psychology. Since 1970 he has worked as a psychotherapist, teacher, and trainer of professionals in Psychosynthesis and, more recently, Spiritual Psychology throughout North America and in Europe and Russia. In the last decade he has developed a theory and practice of group work within a spiritual context which he uses in training and consulting to organizations in this country and abroad.