Michael Lerner

Memories, Dreams, Reflections

~Video coming soon~

Join Commonweal Co-Founder and TNS Host Michael Lerner in a new series of community conversations drawing on 40 years of Commonweal work and his diverse interests outside Commonweal.

“I take the title from Carl Jung’s autobiography. This new series is an exercise in personal freedom for me. I hope you will join us for a new chapter at The New School, an experiment in the emergent.”

Michael Lerner

Michael is president and co-founder of Commonweal. He is president emeritus and co-founder of Smith Farm Center for Healing and the Arts in Washington, D.C. His principal work at Commonweal is with the Cancer Help Program, Healing Circles, Beyond Conventional Cancer Therapies, the Collaborative on Health and the Environment, and The New School at Commonweal. He is author of Choices in Healing: Integrating the Best of Conventional and Complementary Therapies (MIT Press).