Michael Samuels

Dancing Bears and Greek Gods

Join TNS Host Michael Lerner for another conversation with physician, artist, and author Michael Samuels, one of the foremost experts in body, mind, spirit medicine today.

Michael J. Samuels, MD

Michael Samuels, MD, is a physician, artist, guided imagery specialist, and author. His best selling books The Well Body Book and the Well Pregnancy Book were amongst the first books in self help and holistic medicine. As a physician, he has worked with guided imagery and patients with life threatening illness for more than 25 years. His book Seeing With the Mind’s Eye was the first book on guided imagery and is the classic in the field. As director of Art As A Healing Force, an organization which networks artists and healers, he is a leading expert on art and healing and creativity and healing. Michael attended Brown University where he studied Yoga and shamanism under Kees Bolle, Carlos Castanada’s teacher. He then went to New York University College of Medicine and became a research immunogeneticist studying how white blood cells make antibodies. After his residency, he was in the Public Health Service as a physician on the Hopi and Navaho reservation and has gone on to be a healer in many capacities.