Finding Insight through Archetype

How does your soul speak to you? In dreams? Symbols? Archetype? 

Finding beauty and meaning in the strands of our changing world is a critical, on-going practice. It is the soul’s currency, offering inspiration, creativity, and belonging, adding to the “Commonweal:” the well-being of all. For many of us, tuning into the world of archetype offers a glimpse into our own soul’s journey, and offers a foundation that can hold us steady even when everything else seems unpredictable and unfamiliar.

Since our very beginnings in 2007, The New School has explored the world of archetype and meaning through conversations with psychologists, scholars, cultural anthropologists, astrologers, and biographers, hosted by Director Michael Lerner. Bringing us along with him, Michael follows his intellectual curiosity through streams of thought in more than 30 conversations. Join in the exploration, from our earliest conversation with author and professor Peter Kinsgley in 2007, to our most recent conversations with James Hillman, biographer Dick Russell, and psychologist Mary Watkins this summer. Find the entire archetypal psychology series of conversations here.

Photo: Vidar Nordli-Mathisen, Orange Room, Unsplash