Earth Month: Love Your Mother

Climate change and polycrisis news is sobering. So much is at stake, and so much of it seems out of our control. We want to be informed, to understand what is happening to us. But it can be overwhelming, leaving us feeling disempowered, uninspired, and worried.

It’s important to take time to reset, to honor and celebrate what it is that we need to protect. This Earth Month, we offer conversations that remind us why we love Mother Earth. Conversations that explore pathways for holding awe for nature’s beauty, along with the enormity of what needs to be done and the despair about what can no longer be changed. We offer conversations about hopeful future possibilities and about ways that we can help—with inspiring indigenous seed keepers and seaweed artists, Zen gardeners, community activists, and more. This month, even in the midst of the enormity of these times, let’s re-focus our lens on the beauty of this big, blue marble we call home.