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  • Tanya Ruka and Host Christine Luckasavitch

    Practices Rooted in Māori Culture

    Join Host Christine Luckasavitch with Māori artist, designer, activist, and researcher Tanya Te Miringa Te Rorarangi Ruka. Tanya’s work is deeply rooted in Indigenous environmental knowledges, encouraging a deeper connection to ancestral place on a global scale through her artistic practices. Part of the What Stories Does the Land Hold? series.

  • Dr. Amy Shawanda and Host Christine Luckasavitch

    Anishinaabe Thinking, Being, Doing, Knowing, and Living

    In this conversation, join Host Christine Luckasavitch with Dr. Amy Shawanda, an Odawa kwe from Wikwemikong unceded territory whose academic work is focused on Anishinaabe motherhood, specifically identifying the challenges, tensions, and strengths of incorporating traditional teachings and pedagogies in daily life. Part of the What Stories Does the Land Hold? series.

  • Linda Birnbaum, Ami Zota, and Host Steve Heilig

    What's Next in Environmental Health?

    Join Host Steve Heilig for a conversation with Dr. Linda Birnbaum and Dr. Ami Zota, two innovative leaders in efforts to promote environmental health and justice in the United States.

  • Wayne Jonas and Host Michael Lerner

    Catching up to the Science of Cancer Care

    Join Host Michael Lerner in this conversation with Dr. Wayne Jonas about how whole-person care can become part of routine oncology.

  • Kelly A. Turner and Host Michael Lerner

    Radical Remission: 10 Healing Factors Common among Exceptional Cancer Survivors

    Join TNS Host Michael Lerner for a conversation with Kelly Turner, New York Times bestselling author of Radical Remission and Radical Hope. Kelly featured Michael in a Hay House 10-episode docuseries, Radical Remission, about cancer survivors who defied their diagnoses.

  • Lara Bazelon and Host Lyons Filmer

    Ambitious Like a Mother / Ambiciosa como Madre

    Join Host Lyons Filmer in conversation with law professor, advocate, author, and mother Lara Bazelon about embracing imbalance when it comes to work, life, and motherhood. This is the second conversation in our Empowering Women series of conversations.

  • Rachel Naomi Remen and Host Michael Lerner

    The Birthday of the World

  • Laurence Hillman and Host Michael Lerner

    Astrology, Archetypal Psychology, and the Cosmos

    Join archetypal psychologist and astrologer Laurence Hillman in conversation with Host Michael Lerner about the archetypes that define our lives and organizations, and which can help us live our life's true passion and purpose.

  • Janie Brown and Host Michael Lerner

    Face to Face, Heart to Heart: Two Friends Share Learnings from More Than 300 Week-Long Cancer Retreats

    Join Host Michael Lerner in conversation with Janie Brown, founder of Callanish Society—a grassroots non-profit organization in Vancouver, BC, for people living with, and dying from, cancer.

  • Marielena Hincapié and Host Lyons Filmer

    Migrant Women Shaping the Path Forward / Mujeres Inmigrantes que Forjan la Trayectoria

    Join Host Lyons Filmer in the first conversation in our Empowering Women conversation series featuring Host Lyons Filmer and Marielena Hincapié—attorney, legal and political strategist in the immigrant justice movement, and a leading voice in the national conversation on immigration.

  • Michael Lerner, Miki Scheidel, Laura Pole, Nancy Hepp

    Walk through the New CancerChoices Website

    Discover the newly launched CancerChoices.org site, designed to help cancer patients and care providers create personalized integrative treatment paths and receive the support of a healing community.

  • Ian Goldin and Host Michael Lerner

    Rescue, From Global Crisis to a Better World

    Join Host Michael Lerner in conversation with Ian Goldin, Oxford professor and author of Rescue,    an optimistic vision of the future after COVID-19.