Roots of Resilience in an Age of Crisis

In this moment of political and planetary crisis, we face multiple challenges on societal, personal, and soul levels. This series of conversations brings together leading thinkers and doers for deep conversations about the interconnectedness of these crises and how we find our way out. The New School at Commonweal and Real Food Media are thrilled to partner for this virtual speaker series.

  • Tom Philpott, Janaki Jagannath, Anna Lappé

    WATER | Thirsty California: Water, Agribusiness, and the Future of Food 
  • Kristyn Leach, Jessika Greendeer, Tiffani Patton

    SEED | Seed-Saving: Preserving Culture and Building Resilience 
  • Rupa Marya, A-dae Romero-Briones, Anna Lappé

    LAND | Stolen Land: The Struggle for Rematriation