Graham Leicester, Katherine Fulton, Host Michael Lerner

Rising to the Occasion: Practical Hope in a Global Polycrisis

Host Michael Lerner joins Commonweal board member Katherine Fulton in conversation with Graham Leicester, who has pioneered new ways to navigate and even thrive in this complex era.

Graham Leicester

Graham is the founding Director of International Futures Forum (IFF), an organization based in Edinburgh, Scotland, with a mission to enable people, communities and organizations to flourish in uncertain and powerful times. He is a former diplomat, now a writer, theorist, and practitioner with more than 20 years of experience supporting people making a difference in the face of all that stands in the way of making a difference.

Katherine Fulton

Katherine has been a leading strategic advisor to foundations, high-net-worth donors, and major nonprofits for the past 25 years. She spent a decade building Monitor Institute into one of the nation’s leading social sector consulting firms, and has published and spoken widely on the future of philanthropy, impact investing and social change. Previously she was a journalist, co-founding an award-winning, alternative newspaper company in the American South. Her conviction in the early 1990s that the internet would transform journalism led her to California, where she worked with the world’s leading futurists and scenario planners as a senior leader at Global Business Network. She has served on more than two dozen boards, including Commonweal’s, and is now the co-chair of The Long Now Foundation. She lives in Sonoma, CA, with her wife of 30 years, Katharine Kunst.


Host Michael Lerner

Michael is the president and co-founder of Commonweal. His principal work at Commonweal is with the Cancer Help Program,, the Omega Resilience Projects, the Collaborative on Health and the Environment, and The New School at Commonweal. He was the recipient of a MacArthur Prize Fellowship for contributions to public health in 1983 and is author of Choices in Healing: Integrating the Best of Conventional and Complementary Therapies(MIT Press).